Integrating ChatGPT with Excel

Have you thought of ways to integrate a power of artificial intelligence into Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint? We did too! In this quick article, we wanted to share few easy steps on how to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Excel. First things first, this add-in was developed by a young international start-up, and, as many start-ups, we rely on your innovative ideas, feedback, and energy. Please help us reach the global audience by sharing this add-in with your families, friends, vendors, and co-workers.     

Moving on to Excel and the power of AI – all you need is to download our add-in from Microsoft Marketplace, add the add-in to your Excel, go through few steps of setting up your Open-air key and viola, magic happens.

Here is a direct link to Microsoft AppSource. Click on “Get it now” button.

Depending on your setup with Microsoft (login credentials), you should be able to click on Open in Excel button and have it launched in Excel easily. Once Excel add-in opens on a right hand side panel, you just need to go through few installation steps:

  • Sign up for OpenAI API
  • Open your account > view API keys
  • Click on ‘Generate new secret key’
  • Copy API key and add to add-in
  • Start using the magic formulas (see below)

AI.ASK – let AI write engaging content, blogs and emails

AI.LIST – let AI generate list outputs to keep your thoughts organized

AI.FILL – teach AI to clean your data and fill-in missing ranges

AI.FORMAT – have AI to quickly format your data to ensure consistency

AI.EXTRACT – unstructured data? Use AI to extract valuable data insights

AI.TRANSLATE – make AI translate your content into dozens of languages

We would love to hear how you are using this add-in, what are your most common use cases and what are the functions you would like to see in the future.

Keep in touch, have fun with AI and let the good times roll.