How many OpenAI credits do I need?

It depends. ChatGPT for Excel supports multiple models, each with different capabilities and price points. Prices are per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as pieces of words, where 1,000 tokens is about 750 words. This paragraph is 58 tokens.

AI Model Cost (OpenAI)

GPT-3.5$0.0010 / 1K tokens$0.0020 / 1K tokens
GPT-4$0.03 / 1K tokens$0.06 / 1K tokens
GPT-4 Turbo$0.01 / 1k tokens$0.03 / 1k tokens


Let’s generate a paragraph of text using the AI.ASK function:

The generated paragraph of text is 92 AI tokens:

✨ Just returned from an unforgettable trip to Florence, Italy! 🇮🇹 The stunning architecture, rich history, and mouthwatering cuisine left me in awe. From exploring the iconic Duomo to strolling along the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, every moment was a dream come true. Can't wait to share more about this magical city! ✈️🌍 #Florence #Italy #TravelDiaries

The cost to generate this paragraph will depend on the selected AI model:

– Using GPT-3.5 Turbo: ~$0.000184

– Using GPT-4 Turbo: ~$0.00276

– Using GPT-4: ~$0.00552

How many paragraphs can I generate for OpenAI credits?
OpenAI Credits$10$30$100
Using GPT-3.5 Turbo model54,000160,000500,000
Using GPT-4 Turbo model360011,00036,000
Using GPT-4 model1800540018,000